Graham's Blinds is committed to transforming your patios, pergolas and balconies into outdoor living areas without sacrificing comfort. Choose from a range of awnings that compliment the architecture of your home with sleek, modern designs, beautiful fabrics and durable mechanisms that meet the highest European engineering standards to withstand the tough Australian climate.


Transform your outdoor living area with a Markilux awning. 

Graham's Blinds is a proud supplier and installer of Markilux awnings. Built to withstand the tough Australian climate, Markilux's award-winning designs represent the highest standards of Germans innovation and set the benchmark in textiles and awning mechanisms.

When it comes to Markilux awning, you're spoiled for choice. Select from a range of premium-level external awning systems including open folding arm awnings, cassette and semi cassette, conservatory and pergola awnings. Choose from over 250 high-tech polyester fabrics and ask about our dirt-resistant nano-coated technology. There is also a range of operating systems from manual to motorised, and the option of rain, wind, light or heat sensors.

Which Markilux awning is right for me?

Choosing the right awning really comes down to understanding your space, position and design goals. Whether it is providing shade for a patio or balcony, creating a beautiful new outdoor living space, or searching for energy-saving and comfort, you can rest assured that with Markilux, you've chosen a tough design combined with the best in fabric, mechanism and function.

Types of Markilux Awnings

For a retractable and flexible solution that compliments the architecture of your home, don't look past a Markilux cassette or semi-cassette awning. Available in a variety of sizes, fabrics, brackets and fixtures, the Markilux is the perfect choice for shade on patios or balconies. They can fully or partly retract, giving that added fabric protection from the elements when not in use.

For a protected area away from the weather or fixed under roof overhang, choose the simplicity and elegance of our range of Markilux open folding arm awnings. Select a design that can adjust the pitch of the angle so that your after-work drinks are not interrupted by the low afternoon sun.

Pergolas and Conservatory Awnings

For those rain, hail or shine outdoor lovers, Markilux's range of pergola and conservatory awnings offer protection from wet weather and blustering winds, and provide a generous shade covering.

Markilux leads the way in contemporary, innovative design and sturdy mechanisms to meet the tough Australian climate.

Window and Patio Awnings

Zip Screen Awnings

Seamlessly integrate outdoor and indoor living areas with a Zip Screen Awning. Designed to protect your outdoor living spaces against the elements, the zip screen awning is the must-have addition to your pergola, patio or balcony. Perfect for alfresco dining areas all year round, the patented zLOCK technology blocks out insects, the sun and UV rays. Its sleek, durable design is built to last in the harsh Aussie climate, looks great and saves on energy costs. For an alternative to traditional awnings or shutters, it comes in a range of colours, sizes and control options.


Side Retention System Awnings

Our side retention system spells comfort all year round. Made with a two-piece side channel, these awnings feature a straight, retractable drop and offer privacy, wind shielding and sun and UV protection.

Deep Chanel

Straight Drop Awnings

The Straight Drop Awning provides a sleek, modern look to compliment your outdoor spaces. It is suitable for the traditional window frame as well as a host of other applications including sliding windows and doors. The drop awning is a modular solution that compliments your other suite of window and patio coverings. The Straight Drop comes in a range of colours, styles and locking mechanisms, providing you with comfort and privacy all year round.

Cabel Guide

Pivot Arm Awnings

For functionality and flexibility, the Pivot Arm Awning provides a range of shade solutions for patios, balconies and decks. Choose from a range of different styles to control the look, budget and positioning of your outdoor project. The shade sale is supported by a folding arm that represents the best in European design standards, ensuring that the mechanisms are built to last.  When it comes to complementing the look of your home, you'll be spoiled for choice with a range of frame colours and fabrics.

Pivot Arm

Fixed Awnings

The Fixed Awning is the perfect addition to any home - old or new. Whether you are trying to keep the traditional colonial style look of the bullnose verandah or you are after something more modern, a Fixed Awning solution ensures that any new addition remains faithful to the overall aesthetic of your home. It also uses the latest materials to withstand a tough Australian climate with brackets, angles, frames and shading materials designed for look, comfort, energy-saving and durability.

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Dutch Hood Awnings

For that European touch, check out our range of Dutch Hood Awnings that will make the front of your shop or home look inviting, as well as provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. The Dutch Hood Awning has a range of functions: from making your front porch pop, providing coverage from the elements or saving on energy costs.

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