Modern shades are about so much more than transforming your space into a beautiful haven. Think energy savings, insulation and light control. There’s also view and privacy to consider.

Graham’s Blinds offers an extensive range of colours, fabrics and opacities to suit your style and ensure your shade functions to meet your needs.

We’re committed to helping you get the right blind for the right space.

Talk to us about customising your shades to fit unique sizes and proportions, as well as explore a range of lift systems.

Honeycomb Blinds

Sophisticated, functional, and energy efficient, Honeycomb Blinds fit any size or shape window. It is the perfect insulation solution for those cold Southern Highlands winters.

The small and large hexagonal cells offer room temperature control without compromising on style. Smaller cells give a traditional pleated shade for a cosy feel, while the large cells are perfect for wide windows and doors to give your home a more contemporary look.

Choose from our range of colours and cell sizes to find the perfect compliment to your living space at our showroom.

Zebra Blinds

Take control of the light without sacrificing your view with our range of Zebra Blinds. Combining the benefits of roller blinds with venetian, Zebra Blinds offer solid and filtered panels which can be adjusted to create the perfect amount of light.

Designed and manufactured with a curved fascia, the Zebra blind is ideal for automation. They also reduce unwanted glare and offer excellent UV and heat protection to extend the life of your furniture.

Discover a range of beautiful Louvolite fabrics online or in store at our showroom.

Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are a versatile, contemporary solution that provides light, view and privacy in your home or commercial space.

Panel Blinds are attached to a carrier to open and close to meet your needs. When open, the panels stack behind one another to provide maximum light. Slide the blind into the closed or partly closed position by using the hand wand system to provide light control or provide privacy.

The Panel Blinds are also useful as a shading solution for larger windows or doors, or they can be used as room dividers to enhance or define living spaces. We offer a range of patterns, colours and fabrics with either contemporary or traditional looks to create a standout feature in your room.

Choose from our range of colours and fabrics in store at our showroom or online.

Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen Blinds are perfect for Australia's warm weather, sunny days or harsh climate. Designed to reduce glare and maintain privacy, Sunscreen Blinds feature a sheer design that filters soft light into a room.

A perfect combination of function and aesthetics, Sunscreen Blinds provide privacy and protection from heat and glare without compromising on views. A stylish choice for every space, Sunscreen Blinds come in a variety of colours and textures. We can help you choose the right fabric for your needs whether it be for light blocking, heat reduction or privacy.

Choose from our range of Texstyle fabrics in store at our showroom or online.

Roman Blinds

Compliment any interior design scheme with Roman Blinds. Timeless and practical, Roman Blinds combine the subtle textures of a soft fold finish with the practicality of a window covering.

Choose from a range of fabrics that offer a variety of light filtering options from block-out to translucent. Roman Blinds are available in a stunning selection of traditional and contemporary colourways and patterns.

Select from our coordinating range of accessories including exposed baton, chain control, cord control or motorisation to add that finishing touch to your blind.

Venetian Blinds

Graham's Blinds supplies and installs Venetian Blinds in wood, aluminium and synthetic materials. Venetian Blinds are easily adjustable, allowing you to control light and privacy in your room with minimum effort.

Cedar Venetians

Cedar Venetains add natural beauty to a room, providing warmth and colour to any interior scheme. These Venetians are made from a remarkably stable timber that is suited to the wide variations in the Australian climate.

WoodNature' Venetian

To maintain that timber look, select the 'WoodNature' Venetian, made from polystyrene with technologies that are resistant to warping and discolouration. They are available in a range of colours with options for slat widths, lift and tilt capabilities and a selection of operating mechanisms.

New York Lifestyle Blinds

Similar to the look and feel of a timber Venetain Blind, New York Lifestyle Blinds are crafted from a synthetic material, which is ideal for those moist areas of your home such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Offering a sleek style, these low maintenance blinds allow you to easily control light and privacy.

New York Lifestyle Blinds

Slimline Aluminium Venetians

Slimline Aluminium Venetians add a sleek, modern touch to any room. They add a clean, structured look and are easy to wipe down and dust. They are available in a range of colours with an aluminium headrail, options for slat widths, lift and tilt capabilities and a selection of operating mechanisms.

Slimline Aluminium Venetians

To find the perfect Venetain Blinds for your residential or commercial space, come in store and talk to the experts about fittings, materials and colour, or simply fill out our free in-house measure and quote online form.

Roller Blinds

Manufactured in-house using high quality componentry from some of Australia's leading brands, Roller Blinds are a popular choice of window furnishing for many family homes in the Highlands. They offer a sleek and simple design for all windows and glass doors. Easy to clean, versatile, and affordable, Roller Blinds offer a durable block-out solution for privacy and light control. They also act as a barrier between the space and the window, insulating your home through any season.

Roller Blinds are one of the easiest blinds to pair with any additional window covering, such as Veri Shades, Roman Blinds and Curtains. We can manufacture your Roller Blinds in a wide range of fabrics with a stunning selection of colours, textures and designs. Add a custom bottom rail or pelmet to complete the look.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are an easy to clean, versatile and durable window solution. Their practical design of vertical flowing drapes allows for installation against sliding doors and windows.

Vertical Blinds are perfect for that extra control, allowing you to adjust the direction that the light shines into your room. As a design feature, it provides length to give the impression of space and they come with or without chains.

We offer a wide collection of materials that include different colours, fabrics and textures to suit your space. View our materials in store at our showroom or online through the buttons below.

Veri Shades

Veri Shades combine the softness and style of curtains with the versatility of blinds. With no weights or chains on the fabric, they are perfect for large openings such as banks of sliding doors. Veri Shades allow you to walk through them at any point, whether they are open or closed.

When it comes to versatility and light control, Veri Shades are the perfect window solution. Turn the wand one way and the opaque fabrics provide privacy and light blocking or turn the other way for the mesh fabric to let through more light. Alternatively, you can draw the Veri Shade back like a curtain for full sunlight.

Available in a range of neutral colours and tones to suit any room, there is also a selection of track options, track colours and a variety of drop lengths and widths. The easy care fabric is UPF 50 + which resists fading and protects your interior. They are also available in fire retardant fabrics.

Have more control over your blinds with our motorised solutions

  • Blinds can be controlled by remote control, app or voice control.
  • Multifunctional, they operate up to 15 blinds separately or simultaneously.
  • Enjoy energy savings.
  • Great for insulating your home all year round.
  • Improve home security with controlled privacy all day long.
  • Schedule when you want to blinds to open, close or adjust.
  • Child and pet safe because of the cordless design.
  • Built with soft start and step technology making them extra quiet.
  • Easily rechargeable, convenient and affordable.